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CoLLaboratoire for Activating Multi-modal Mobility: One Public Space at a Time


Innovative Imaginaries for Commuting in the City

Phase 1 Student Challenge – Post-COVID19 Storytelling for Design

©Source: BikeShackLeyton

This design event is an initiative to gather and share collective experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are asking participants to share with us how you move around the city as well as explorations of future imaginaries of the post-pandemic city. We encourage perspectives from everyone by specifically considering the perspective of front-line workers and vulnerable groups (kids, senior citizens, homeless, etc.). This event encourages participants to actively interact and collaborate with these groups to narrate their stories and propose new alternatives for decision-makers in the city. We hope you will use social distancing as a creative means to collect, interpret, and present their stories in various ways.
This competition will be launched on social media in the end of summer 2020.

Project: CoLLaboratoire for Activating Multi-Modal Mobility: One Public Space at a Time 

Funding: Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Partnership Development Grant


The overall goal of this partnership is to raise awareness and encourage behavior shifts towards more sustainable urban mobility by understanding how public spaces can become knowledge exchange nodes. Its aims to move the climate change conversation into our community (raising awareness) and to awaken environmental behavior (engagement) to empower citizens to change their urban mobility behavior.

The first objective is to identify, analyze, and understand the best practices in other cities in North America and Europe for public space interventions that encourage citizens to embrace multi-modal mobility. The second objective is to test, through a series of community workshops, in three different areas in the City of Montreal, these methods (along with others). The workshops will allow the co-development of ideas for public spaces – ideas that will help citizens better understand issues related to multi-modal mobility and encourage behavior shifts. The ideas developed during the workshops will be presented in exhibitions, both online and in the public realm to further build dialogues with the community. The third objective is to develop these exercises, tools, and methods, into an exportable platform.


Carmela Cucuzzella
Anne Cormier
Carolyn Hatch
Zachary Patterson
Pierre Gauthier

Research Assistants:

Morteza Hazbei
Amelie Tremblay
Sherif Goubran
Firdous Nizar
Omar Ortiz Meraz
Mohammad Abdol-rezazadeh
Fatemeh Mehrzad

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