Date Author Description Document Link
2018/04/07 Carmela Cucuzzella + Cynthia Hammond LEAP Annual Seminar 2018: On Didacticism in Architecture
2017/10/19 Anne Cormier, Carmela Cucuzzella, David Theodore, Jean-Pierre Chupin LEAP Seminar at the World Design Summit (2017-10-19) : Is Research-Creation Design Thinking?
2017/02/23 Paul Holmquist LEAP Seminar @Concordia (2017-02-23) : Paul Holmquist – Claude Nicholas Ledoux and Rousseau’s moral and political philosophy in the City of Chaux
2016/02/17 Jean-Pierre Chupin LEAP Seminar@Concordia (2016-02-17) : Preparatory meeting for organizing the annual seminar
2016/02/11 Cynthia Hammond Séminaire LEAP@Concordia (2016-02-11) : Cynthia Hammond : “Green secrets: Locked gardens, hidden landscapes, and the public life of cities”
2016/11/23 Carmela Cucuzzella LEAP Seminar@Concordia (23-11-2016) : Carmela Cucuzzella : “Ecological Architecture: A Critical Method of Inquiry”
2009/11/16 Carmela Cucuzzella Séminaire LEAP@UdeM (2009-11-16) : Le principe de précaution en conception
2000/01/18 Izabel Amaral, Imen Ben Jemia, Carmela Cucuzzella, Bechara Helal, Victor Nasr Présentation des propositions de communications des doctorants pour le colloque sur le jugement ACFAS 2010
2010/10/04 Carmela Cucuzzella, Camille Crossman Séminaire LEAP@UdeM (2010-10-04) : Questionnaire pour l’IRAC (sur le jugement dans les concours) et colloque 2011
2013/03/12 Cucuzzella, Carmela Séminaire LEAP@Concordia (2013-03-12) : Is Green Quality Risky? Redefining Architectural Quality in Risk Society through the Filter of Contemporary Norms for Sustainability