Sherif Goubran


Started: 2016
Supervisory committee: Dr. Carmela Cucuzzella, Dr. Bruno Lee, Dr. Thomas Walker

Sherif Goubran is a Ph.D. student enrolled in the Individualized program at Concordia. He is conducting interdisciplinary research regarding building sustainability assessment within the fields of design, building engineering and real-estate finance. He completed his M.A.Sc. in building engineering at Concordia in 2016 with a focus on energy efficiency in buildings. His engineering work consisted of laboratory experiments, energy modeling and simulation as well as computational fluid dynamics. He completed a B.S. in Architecture at the American University in Cairo (AUC-Egypt). His design graduation project proposed the rehabilitation of an industrial facility in Cairo with a concept of empowerment through arts and crafts education. His research interests include building sustainability and sustainability assessment, behavioral approaches in design, building-occupant interaction in buildings as well as topics relating to urban and architectural design. During his masters and bachelors programs, Sherif was actively engaged in both researching and teaching in engineering and architecture. He also has some professional experience in architecture design and construction. Sherif is also interested in art, writing, photography and science.
​His portfolio can be found at:

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