Mohsen Rasoulivalajoozi


Started: 2020
Supervisory Committee: Dr. Carmela Cucuzzella, Dr. Brandiff Caron, and Dr. Tsz-Ho Kwok

Mohsen Rasoulivalajoozi is a Ph.D. student enrolled in the Individualized program at Concordia University. He is conducting interdisciplinary research regarding “The role of medical anthropology in medical design projects and health caring systems". He did his graduate work at the University of Tehran, and received his Master’s degree in industrial design (medical design) at University of Tehran (UT) with a thesis entitled “Interactive Foot Orthosis (IFO) for People with Drop Foot". As the result of his bachelor degree in Visual Communication (Art University of Tehran) and Master graduation, he has experiences in papers writing in the fields of Graphic and Industrial Design. Besides ,he is a member of the editorial advisory board of the Cambridge Scholar Publishing and was working as a Researcher in the scope of Orthopedic Products Design, at Eindhoven University of Technology-TU/e. His research interests include Medical Design, Medical Anthropology, Research Methodology in Product Design, Visual Communication and Visual Analysis in design.

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