Fatemeh Izadi


Started: 2020
Thesis title: The role of the built environment and street-level greenery to improve walkability through the lens of pedestrian thermal comfort
Supervisory committee:
Dr. Carmela Cucuzzella, Dr. Ursula Eicker, Dr. Carly Ziter

Having a background in Architecture and Urban design, Fatemeh is a PhD student in the Individualized PhD program in Concordia. She is integrating the knowledge from the fields of urban ecology, engineering, and design to understand how built and green elements of cities can better promote urban “walkability," with a particular focus on thermal comfort. Her research falls within the Next Generation Cities cluster. She joined Concordia’s Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities, IDEAS-BE, and Ziter lab to pursue the same goals: enhance the well-being of communities, protection the environment, and investments in future generations.

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