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Future Cities Playgrounds


Project: Future Cities Playgrounds

Description: The gamification platform, which is still in its prototype phase, is designed with academic researchers, urban planners, and city dwellers in mind. This software-based project, still in a prototype phase, is developed in collaboration with the Next Generation Institute. It aims to measure both quantitative and qualitative elements of livability on the building scale. The software uses existing international standards as well as original metrics to assign a livability score to a building within its context. The purpose is to innovate in the realm of assessment and design tools for building-scale assessments of livability, which don’t yet exist. This livability feature exists alongside sustainable retrofit simulation software. Both these features are used to design for sustainability and livability in the built environment.


Christopher Gibbs
Ursula Eicker
Carmela Cucuzzella
Michael Bossert
Ivona Bossert

Research Assistants:

Morteza Hazbei
Firdous Nizar
Mohammad Abdol-rezazadeh
Sara El Khatib

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