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Assessing Competition Projects through the lens of the UN SDGs


Title of Project:

The Sustainable Development Goals – Assessing Competition Projects through the lens of the UN SDGs: Co-Authored Book 

Funding Tier 2:

CURC Tier 2


Carmela Cucuzzella

Sanjana Shivakumar

Damoon Nasseri

Sara Kariminejad 


The UN SDGs are a global indication framework developed in cooperation of the United Nations. The UN provides SDG progress reports every year for public viewing. These reports are a global overview of SDG incorporation in Countries with information obtained from national and regional organizations worldwide. The aim of assessing the competition entries through the lens of the SDGs is to determine commonalities between the two and generate new design principles for exploring the design potential and use of public transport. Moreover, our findings may lead to a few new possible design practices arise that can be resourceful to current designers, professionals, and researchers. The book observes the competition projects and aligned SDGs to acknowledge the opportunities for deployment, test the validity of SDGs as a design analysis framework and identify gaps in the ways of thinking through design.

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