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Architecture Competitions: An International Inquiry – Co-edited Book


Title of Project :

Architecture Competitions: An International Inquiry – Co-edited Book

Funding :

Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC)

Responsible :

Jean-Pierre Chupin
Carmela Cucuzzella
Bechara Helal

Graduate Students:

Tracy Valcourt
Sheena Hoszko

Research Assistants :

Catherine Bissaillon


This book comprises a series of 22 case studies by renowned experts and new scholars in the field of architecture competition research. In 2015, it constitutes the most comprehensive survey of the dynamics behind the definition, organization, judging, archiving and publishing of architectural, landscape and urban design competitions in the world. These richly documented contributions revolve around a few questions that can be summarized in a two-fold critical interrogation: How can design competitions – these historical democratic devices, both praised and dreaded by designers – be considered laboratories for the production of environmental design quality, and, ultimately, for the renewing of culture and knowledge? The book in full color includes 340 illustrations, bibliographical references and index of over 200 cited competitions. Keywords: International competitions / Architectural judgment / Design thinking / Digital archiving (databases) / Architectural publications / Architectural experimentation / Landscape architecture / Urban studies

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