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© Stéphane Groleau From https://www.architecturelab.net/stgm-architects-head-office/


STGM’s head office is located in the Beauport borough of Quebec City, adjacent to the Estimauville eco-neighbourhood. It is a 1,000 square metre two-storied structure that puts the focus on eco-friendly, architectural innovation. The building succeeds in offering an exceptional level of comfort to its occupants through the mindful integration of a longitudinal form, orientation to the sun, light wood structure, meticulously selected materials and efficient systems, while producing a low ecological footprint. (…) STGM’s new offices comprise two vast open-area workshops, closed offices, conference rooms, and indoor and outdoor meeting and rest areas. [1]


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Project Title: STGM Head Office
STGM Architectes Associés
Year: 2015
Place: Ville de Québec, QC

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