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The UBC Sustainability Street was a major landscape project on the UBC Point Grey Campus with the goal of pedestrianizing an existing service corridor (previously Stores Road) by creating a promenade between the Main and West Mall. The project aimed to serve as a showcase for sustainable thinking and practices – which exemplify UBC’s sustainability strategy.   

The project adopts closed loop solutions for wastewater, storm water and energy. The water is treated on site and used in irrigation while storm water is stored in small space. The design also helps manage storm water from adjacent buildings. The vegetation used is locally appropriate and is consists mainly of native plant species to provide habitat and require minimum maintenance. Additionally, a geo-exchange system added to the project helps condition the adjacent buildings. The hardscape of the project uses recycled materials (from demolished buildings on campus) and the street is paved with eco-smart concrete.   

The project has been used as a showcase and educational tool on campus. It provides formal learning opportunities through the signage and information kiosk. The amphitheater and mound can also be used as an outdoor learning space. The project also aims to communicate the synergies that could be achieved between ecosystems, infrastructure, and the urban environment. The project is considered a demonstration of how the natural and urban environments can be joined to create a cohesive and enjoyable space. 


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Project Title: Sustainability Street, University of British Columbia
Artist: Space2Place Design 

Place: Vancouver, British Columbia

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