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Seeds are magical and powerful time capsules.  They hold the power to grow into awe-inspiring life forms.  They remind me of women and motherhood.  They swell, open up and give birth to life.  

This environmental art project started in the summer of 2013 and is ongoing.  
The "Seed Catchers" are recycled/recomposed installations, travelling from place to place, in natural or urban ecosystems, symbolically gathering seeds swept by the winds of the earth. (…)  

The "Seed Catchers" stand in a way as to bring about a dialogue on environmental issues: the weakening of ecosystems, loss of plants with their unique, therapeutic and medicinal properties, the disappearance of varieties of plants that are indispensable, in symbiosis or closely associated to other life forms.  

The catchers are created with reclaimed materials.  My hope is to plant a seed in the minds of people, a seed that will lead to question oneself on the future of plant life.   [1]


[1]     Éveline Gallant Fournier. Éveline Gallant Fournier. Accessed January 16, 2021. https://gallantfournier.com/en/projects/in-nature/seed-catchers.

Additional information

Fournier, Éveline Gallant. Éveline Gallant Fournier. Accessed January 16, 2021. https://gallantfournier.com/en/home.

Project Title: Seed Catchers
Artists: Éveline Gallant Fournier
Year: 2013
Place: New Brunswick (various), NB

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