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Courtesy of Lydon Lynch Architects


The Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market, opened in 2010, is one of those projects in which the client, program, site and underlying philosophies of the architect align to create a case-study project that addresses issues of sustainable design from the macro to the micro scale. (…)

The current market houses over 200 vendors selling high-quality local products from food to crafts. Within the 40,000-square-foot expanse of the new market, sited in Pier 20 on the Halifax waterfront, it is apparent that the building design not only encompasses but amplifies the Cooperative’s inherent philosophy and focus on environmental stewardship and the careful use of limited resources. A symbiotic relationship exists between the market’s content and its LEED Platinum “architectural container”–both highly invested in reducing their impact on the immediate and extended environments in which they operate. (…)

Not only did the building reuse the existing steel structure of Pier 20, but most of the concrete was crushed on site for reuse in order to reduce the need for both new materials and to increase the diversion rate to the local landfill. In keeping with the philosophy of a “green market,” building products were sourced locally where possible, the result being that one-third of all the materials used came from the region. Also, given the project’s proximity to the ocean and a nearby rail yard, any additional products sourced from outside the region were delivered by train or ship. In accordance with LEED Platinum criteria, sustainable wood products were used in construction with most wood products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. [1]


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Project Title: Halifax Seaport Famers’ Market
Artists: Lydon Lynch Architects
Year: 2012

Place: Halifax, Nova Scotia

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