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The project was the result of one bold idea that preserved the industrial heritage of the neighbourhood and created a grand entrance to the building through an atrium that connects Peter and Richmond Streets. Today, the resultant space between the buildings has become an integral and active extension of the public realm. [1]

Heritage Conservation and Inspiring Architecture

The development brought much needed attention and activation to an often-avoided intersection of Toronto’s west core. In addition, the salvaging of one historic century-old brick building, which was originally constructed as a biscuit factory by Weston Bakery in 1915, helps retain a part of the neighbourhood’s heritage. The social significance of inspiring architecture is well known. While the building’s soaring atrium and retail spaces extend the public realm indoors, passers-by often stop to marvel at the extraordinary feat of structural engineering. [2]

Aiming for LEED Gold certification, the building design includes sustainable features such as rainwater collection, solar shading and light shelves on the facade, and operable windows. 

This multipurpose space is used as a lobby, a through block connection, and avenue for community and industry events, exhibitions, art installations, or just a place to linger and enjoy. [3]

Demonstrating a better way forward, QRC West is an example of how creative, sensitive and adaptive reuse can exist in harmony with bold urban intensification. The architecture of the building leads rather than follows, by responding directly to current and future tenant demands, and creating a high performance workplace of the future. [4]

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Project Title: Queen Richmond Centre West
Artists: Sweeny & Co. Architects
Place: Toronto, ON

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