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Designed by LGA Architectural Partners, the McEwen School of Architecture is thus the first Canadian architecture school of “the north.” The initial design challenge was to define what this meant, balancing the goals set forth by the community while providing a state-of-the-art facility for the 21st century. “As Canadians, we chose to celebrate the cultures co-existing in the Sudbury community—Indigenous, Anglophone and Francophone—to create a building and precinct that would simultaneously allow each cultural group to feel at home in the design or spatial aspects of the new school,” says design principal Janna Levitt. “The design is also universal, in that most places in the world are addressing the forces of climate change and grappling with how to create a compelling curriculum for a post-colonial society.” (…)  

Canada’s first school of architecture of the North offers students a design education based on regional culture, with an emphasis on sustainability and on the development of expertise in wood. [1]


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Additional information

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Project Title: McEwan School of Architecture
Artists:  LGA Architectural Partners
Place: Sudbury, ON

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