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Photo credit: Patrizio McLelland


nb the Artist also created a similar installation by the same name in Autumn 2014, which can be found at the École des Bâtisseurs in Granby, Québec

Considered as a habitat or an ecosystem in its own right, the canopy can be particularly rich in biodiversity and biological productivity. As part of the project, [Allard] translated this sylvan stratum into crates of milk, the walls of which are strewn with holes and filter light like leaves. Pursuing the fluctuations of daylight, geometric textures and shadows unfold on the ground until they reach the facade of the school.

Favored for their accessibility and their configuration, milk crates turn out to be a material of choice in [his] artistic practice. Over the past few years, [he] has been able to explore their potential by creating a multitude of assemblages and shade games in the form of ephemeral environments. The canopy is said to be the first permanent work of its kind that could live from one season to the next, spreading shadows that change according to the orientation of the sun. [1]

The Plein art program offers a circuit of public art works temporarily installed in the Sud-Ouest borough.

This constantly renewed project contributes to the promotion and accessibility of public art, in addition to providing support to Montreal artists. This initiative is in line with the 2020-2022 Cultural Development Plan of the Sud-Ouest Arrondissement.

The Plein Art program is consistent with the Montreal policies adopted since 2014 in which the City of Montreal recognizes the importance of public art for the quality of the living environment and the influence of the metropolis. [2]

Bachelor in graphic design from UQAM, Philippe Allard lives and works in Montreal. Philippe Allard’s practice mainly deals with sculpture and installation. Inspired by arte povera, he recovers materials and objects from industrial production that are accessible in large quantities and diverts their primary meaning when he assembles them. [3]


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Project Title: La Canopée
Artists:  Philippe Allard
Year: 2020

Place: Montréal, Québec

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