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Courtesy of Canadian Architect


Stock and sand-lime. Soft-mud and stiff-mud. These are some types of brick produced between 1889 and 1989 at what’s now the Evergreen Brick Works near downtown Toronto. The place, at the bottom of the Don Valley, has a historic and visual richness to match the jargon masonry: Its obsolete industrial buildings have been adapted into a collage of new and old uses, new concrete and old brick. 

The latest addition to that ensemble is a redevelopment of the Kiln Building, the largest structure on the site, as an event and educational centre. Led by LGA Architectural Partners, this is a subtle and complex project: providing an example of sustainable building through the adaptive reuse of a heritage building in a flood plain. And doing so while retaining as much of its brick and steel as possible. [1]


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Additional information

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Project Title: TD Future Cities Centre
Artists:  LGA Architectural Partners
Place: Toronto, ON

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