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Courtesy of B+H Architects


An iconic new home for the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, the new Jackman Law building designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects and B+H Architects, ushers in a new era for the school’s law students.

Situated next to the university’s famed Philosopher’s Walk and overlooking Queen’s Park Crescent, a dramatic new façade comprised of glass and nickel fins bend along the curve of the street, distinguishing themselves as the most identifiable feature of this landmark new building. [1]

The Faculty’s prominent location required a sensitive design response that connects the site to the surrounding public realm. The design of the new building takes advantage of the site by introducing new physical and visual connections with both Queen’s Park and Philosopher’s Walk, embedding the Faculty into the cohesive campus system and rendering it an integral part of the cityscape.

The scheme creates an institutional landmark that will accommodate and augment the Faculty’s historic buildings, engage and inspire members of our community, and reflect a commitment to leading-edge environmental sustainability and physical accessibility–all while playing an important part in the architecture of the city. [2]


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Project Title: Jackman Law Building, University of Toronto
Artists: Hariri Pontarini Architects, B+H Architects
Year: 2016

Place: Toronto, Ontario

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