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IGA Duchemin


Courtesy of La Ligne Verte


IGA extra Famille Duchemin officially unveiled its green roof nestled in Montreal’s Saint-Laurent borough in 2017. Ecocert-certified organic produce is farmed on site and now available on store shelves until fall.

This project developed by IGA extra Famille Duchemin offers a trio of features never seen before in Canada: It’s the first supermarket to sell produce grown on its very own roof, It’s the very first store to use an irrigation system with water recovered from its dehumidification system and, measuring 25,000 square feet, it’s the largest organic garden on a supermarket roof in Canada. [1]

“The green roof garden allows us not only to cultivate our passion for food, but also to do everything with the greatest concern for the environment, an aspect that is particularly close to our hearts. We are happy to carry out this innovative project and hope that it can inspire other companies to follow suit. " [2]

Since 2016, La ligne verte has been developing a market gardening component in its activities. The first project of this initiative is the market garden roof of the IGA in Ville St-Laurent. This collaboration has enabled La ligne verte: Maraîcher to develop the largest rooftop vegetable garden in Canada. [3]


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Project Title: IGA Duchemin rooftop garden
Artists: La Ligne Verte
Year: 2017

Place: Montréal, Québec

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