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Photo credit: Joel Krahn


This project involved the construction of a two-storey high school, including labs, gym, kitchen, cafeteria and a second-storey lobby that includes glass walls for direct viewing into the gym. Large windows allow for the maximum natural daylight and stunning views of the mountains to seep into the spaces developed for flexible learning and interactivity between students, teachers, and the community. Greater adaptability was achieved by using movable walls between the classroom and gathering areas. Further engagement with the community is facilitated by providing access to the gymnasium and other core areas after school hours. The exterior finish is a combination of metal cladding and other architectural finishes including trespa and stucco, while the parking area is separate asphalt concrete curbed and landscaped. [1]

Challenger Geomatics was hired to collect UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) data to calculate the volume of contaminated material excavated from a buried fuel tank at the construction site. The nature of the excavation was very irregular and would have been hard/expensive/time-consuming to calculate with conventional methods. [2]


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Project Title: F.H. Collins Secondary School
Artists:  FSC Architects, Stantec
Year: 2015

Place: Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

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