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Courtesy of WZMH Architects


Fully committed to the safety and security of its people, the Government of Canada is working diligently to safeguard its national security. As part of this effort, the government has decided to modernize its security and intelligence infrastructure by building the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) Long-Term Accommodation Project (LTAP) in Ottawa to house Canada’s national cryptologic agency. WZMH Architects led the project, working with Associate Architect HDR. (…)

A large vaulted roof unifies various components of the facility into a cohesive, singular organic form. Enveloped by this distinctive shape, contrasting geometrical volumes housing specific functions comprise the main building. In addition to satisfying program requirements, the footprint of the facility is designed to sensitively integrate into the surrounding heavily wooded lot, consistent with CSEC’s vision for a collaborative work environment that engages the outdoors. (…)

These shared functions are contained in wood-clad volumes whose proportions are derived from nature.  From this point, the interior space presents a lasting impression: treehouse structures rise inside the glazed west wall, drawing attention to the meadow and woods outside. (…)

The project was the result of a P3 process conducted according to a 48-month project-delivery schedule. Aiming for LEED Gold certification, the 72,000-square-metre complex cost $867 million. [1]


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Project Title: Edward Drake Building
Artists: WZMH Architects
Year: 2014

Place: Ottawa, Ontario

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