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Photo credit: ArcelorMittal Dofasco Steel Design


The new office for the Department of Natural Resources incorporates several environmentally friendly features and is the third green office of its kind constructed for the department. 

 “This project is another example of the provincial government's commitment to build green infrastructure for a cleaner and more self-sufficient province," said Premier Shawn Graham. “This district office provides a central location and improved work space for staff, while also producing energy savings as a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly facility." 

 Constructed as part of government's Green Buildings Program, the office has been designed to achieve a silver rating under the principles of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a rating system used to measure the performance of green buildings in Canada [ultimately receiving Gold]. Compared to traditional structures, green buildings use less energy and water, generate fewer greenhouse gases, use materials more wisely and produce less waste. Occupants of these buildings are more comfortable with better ventilation, thermal comfort and abundant natural light. 

 “This state-of-the-art building is a clear sign of the provincial government's commitment to protect and manage our natural resources, to invest in this community, and to make New Brunswick a better place to be,'" said Natural Resources Minister Wally Stiles. “It stands out as an example of how we can reduce energy costs, generate less greenhouses gases, and protect the environment in the building projects we undertake." [1]

A Natural Resources department spokesperson told the Daily Commercial News that 25 per cent of the materials specified were recycled, and 40 per cent of the materials specified are regional materials. Richibucto is about 70 kilometres north of Moncton. The building also achieved a 58.8 per cent reduction in water use and 52 per cent energy cost savings. [2]

To help qualify for LEED Silver certification, the Department of Supply and Services specified Galvalume PlusTM steel roof and wall sheathing. Galvalume Plus met the LEED recycled content criterion. Using Galvalume steel cladding, rather than vinyl siding, also made the building eligible for a LEED durable building credit. 

“There is not nearly as much waste and cleanup with steel as there is with shingles or other materials,” said Dennis Fiander, Project Manager, Castle Rock Construction Services Incorporated, Saint John. “However there are challenges in installing steel roofing and siding. Care must be taken in placing the siding and panels along with the flashing and soffits. [3]


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Additional information:

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Project Title: New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources Building
Artists:  New Brunswick Department of Supply and Services
Year: 2010

Place: Richibucto (Richibouctou), New Brunswick

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