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Deep Time, a new multi-screen work by Melanie Gilligan and Tom Ackers, blends fiction, animation, and documentary to investigate the complex relationships between systemic phenomena created by humans (such as global warming, ocean chemistry change, and capitalism) and ocean ecosystems, the often-forgotten foundation of life on this planet. The work explores various economic practices that see the natural “wealth” of physical processes through the logic of finance. The symbiosis between human culture and the natural world is shown to be broken, with capitalist development eating away at its own material base. [1]

Immerse yourself in Deep Time, a video project on the broken relationship between human culture and the natural world (…) installations, including seven new commissions from Canadian and international artists, provoke a fascinating conversation about landscape and culture. [2]


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Additional Information

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Project Title: Deep Time – Carbon 14: Climate is Culture
Tom Ackers
Melanie Gilligan
Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, ON

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