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The CESM represents a golden opportunity to encourage research and technological innovations while awakening the environmental awareness of citizens. The objectives are the revalorization of disturbed soils, the sound management of residual materials, the creation of facilities conducive to development activities related to the environment, education, recreation and culture, community participation and the promotion of the concepts of transformation, evolution and recycling. [1]

Educational center

Located at the main entrance to the CESM, along an artery and on the western outskirts of the site, the educational center plays a leading role in contributing to the development and promotion of residual materials management techniques. It explains the process of recovering these materials as well as the progress of the development works and the various ecological works carried out in the park. [1]

“…Espace Montréal offers us an exceptional showcase to share, with experts from around the world, our knowledge and expertise in sustainable development in urban areas, “said Mr. Tremblay." We are convinced that this Space will attract be careful, ”added the mayor of Montreal." [2]

Integration of the TOHU Circus Arts City

Finally, there are educational and environmental activities for the whole family, including guided tours of the park by bike, tours of the many highlights of the Saint-Michel neighbourhood, and opportunities to discover the architecture of TOHU‘s green building, the Soccer Center, to enter the den of Biomont, the Sorting Center, and much more! 

This tour covers the historical, contemporary and future St-Michel Environmental Complex (CESM) and TOHU. It also raises awareness by inviting citizen responsibility by reducing consumption, re-using before discarding waste, and recycling properly.

By 2020, this huge site will have been gradually transformed into a large urban park that brings together nature, culture, science and sport, a metamorphosis that visitors can see in progress. [3]


2004  International Awards for Liveable Communities (Sustainable Development category), Palme d’Or

2004  International Awards for Liveable Communities, Special Award

2004  Collectivités en fleurs, Special mention

2004  Collectivités en fleurs, 5/5 score


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Additional Information

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Project Title: Complexe Environmental de Saint-Michel (CESM)
Internal Consortium (Iberville, Papineau Nord et Boisé sectors)
BC2 (Papineau Sud)

Year: 2017
Place: Montréal, QC

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