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Winnipeg’s Cibinel Architects won two awards at the annual Prairie Wood Design Awards for the design and construction of CentrePlace Manitoba, the province’s 2010 Winter Olympics pavilion, both in the Municipal/Recreational Wood Design Award category as well as in the overall Jury’s Choice Award category. (1)

Manitoba’s pavilion at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics — named CentrePlace Manitoba — is one of those once-in-a-lifetime projects that McKim Cringan George just had to be part of. And before construction was finished in January, CentrePlace Manitoba was already getting high praise in the Olympic community. The Manitoba pavilion was awarded a VANOC Sustainability Star, which recognizes examples of innovation in sustainability that demonstrate positive and measurable social, economic and environmental impacts. (2)


2010 Prairie Wood Design Awards, Municipal/Recreational Wood Design Award

2010 Prairie Wood Design Awards, Jury’s Choice Award


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Project Title: Centre Place Manitoba Pavillion
Artists: Cibinel Architects
Year: 2010
2010 Winter Olympics
Vancouver, BC

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