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c/o Provencher_Roy


Comprised of nine lots, this major site is meant to be unifying in its approach and respectful of the Main’s heritage, while being attuned to the imperatives of today’s real estate market. 

The project developers are equally aware of the need for consensus-building in this pivotal downtown neighbourhood now undergoing requalification. The project called for the construction of a tall building, slightly set back from Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Carré Saint-Laurent is pursuing LEED Canada-CS certification, LEED Canada-CI Gold certification for interior construction MEM and LEED Canada-CI certification for the offices of Société québécoise des infrastructures. [1] 

Materials from the historic buildings are incorporated into the new 47,500-sq.m. Carré Saint-Laurent. The mixed-use development includes 40 retail shops in an open air corridor, as well as government and commercial offices and residences. The Angus Development Society began the first phase of construction in October 2017. [2]

This 9-floor green building won the Projet Vert award and is awaiting LEED certification. It is spanned by a spectacular diagonal shape that resembles the Place des festivals. The façade is resolutely modern, but also integrates aspects of classical architecture. [3]


Montréal du futur, Green Project Award, 2014


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Project Title: Carré Saint-Laurent
Artists:  Provencher_Roy
Place: Montréal, QC

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