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Marc Cramer - From https://jlp.ca/en/project/raymond-levesque-library/


The Raymond-Lévesque Library is the winning project by Atelier TAG + Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes of a competition held in 2008, and recipient of close to 20 awards and distinctions. The library is the fifth largest in Quebec and plays a primary role in the civic and cultural life of the community. It is a striking example of the integrated design method that results in an “art of building" process as developed by the consortium on many recent projects. (…)
The main objectives at the origin of the concept were to rethink the traditional image of a public library, to pique the curiosity of visitors and users, to design an architecture specific to its site, to create a structure sculpted by the forces of nature, and to replace the forested area removed for the project with a building constructed in wood. (…)
The bioclimatic concept is based on the use of surrounding climatic resources: sun, water, wind, and soil (in geothermal energy). The project prioritizes solar energy in passive form (orientation, natural lighting) while avoiding a thermal gain during air-conditioning periods, among others, by choosing a high-performance glass. (…)
“The act of building a library in a community has great value in terms of symbolism, identity, and creativity. In Saint-Hubert, when the library was being constructed, we could finally dream of a place that reflects our vision of a gathering space—a kind of community centre—that serves as a place for the dissemination of knowledge. [1]

It provides a platform not only for learning but also for vital intergenerational exchanges within the community. Its program offers traditional library services, access and dissemination of new technologies as well as a wide range of public activities including a café-press and multipurpose exhibition room. [2]


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Additional information

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Project Title: Bibliothèque Raymond-Lévesque
Atelier TAG
Jodoin, Lamarre & Pratte
Year: 2011
Place: Saint-Hubert, QC 

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