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Enigmatic and playful, the interpretive structures of the arboretum allow the rediscovery of the tree as a living being by actively engaging visitors through a route. 

The project is a series of interpretation modules integrated into the landscape, making it possible to rediscover the tree as a living being, enriching the visit to the Arboretum which occupies more than half of the 75 hectares of the Botanical Garden. Delicately implanted in relation to the trees and strategically dispersed, the modules are discovered during a walk, engaging visitors to take an action reminiscent of a function of the tree and putting it in relation to it. [1]

The project wants to make visitors want to stop, see and appreciate the trees for what they are: a quiet, determined, and indispensable presence. The intervention consists of interpretation modules integrated into the landscape. The biological functions of the tree are also explained and illustrated on glossy yellow didactic panels, visual signal from a distance, folded over the modules. The trail was developed by a multidisciplinary team, integrating landscape architects, architects, museologists and graphic designers. The goal of this installation is to share this information with visitors and raise their awareness of the importance of these great plants, using unusual interpretive panels to punctuate the trail. [2]


2015 Winner: Prix d’excellence, Association des architectes paysagistes du Canada, Regional Honor – Arboretum interpretation, Jardin botanique – Montreal, in consortium with In Situ atelier d’architectureBlaBlaBlais (museography), Uniform (graphic design) and Stéphane Poirier (illustration). [3]



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Project Title: Arboretum du Jardin Botanique de Montreal Interpretive Trail
Artists:  Vlan Paysages
Place: Montréal, QC

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