Carmela Cucuzzella presents at a round table discussion on Sept 21, 2021, for the Mat’Inno events, organized by Quartiers Innovation, to discuss her work on, Sensoriality and Didacticism of Eco-Architecture.


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The video outcome of the round table discussion focused on the topic of the sensorial aspects of eco-architecture.

The invited speakers were: (1) M. Jacques Ferrier, architect et urbanist, Ferrier Marchetti Studio, Paris; (2) Dr. Carmela Cucuzzella, co-director of Next Generation Cities Institute, Concordia University; (3) Dr. Louise Pelletier, director of the Centre de Design, UQAM. With the special participation of: Miss Léah Snider, artist and co-founder of ‘l’expérience sonore De Passage’. The Mat’Inno series is organized by the Quartiers Innovation.

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